Simple update and retrieval of data from a SAP system combined with friendly “Workflow” processes


Winshuttle is the world’s leader in the simple creation of work processes and screens across the SAP.
The software enables:
• Access and update of data in an Excel environment
• Built in process for the creation of workflow authorizations
• Support for offline mode and update of SAP systems with a click of a button
These features are available with no compromise in the standards of data security and data reliability and with no code!!!
The program is used by thousands of organizations, which are continuous users of Winshuttle and can no longer do without it

Analytics – data from the SAP system presented visually in Excel


Not often do you find simple solutions for managers that make a real difference, and easily. 

WINSHUTTLE Analytics, based on WINSHUTTLE’s well-established capabilities, enables you to produce business reports that combine SAP data with data from other systems, easily and effortlessly.

These capabilities save valuable time invested in collecting data and in designing and analyzing reports.

WINSHUTTLE Analytics is not intended to replace the organizational BI system, but rather to enable simple ad hoc design of summary reports needed for smooth operation of the business.

** Advanced and rapid processing capabilities (for analyzing large amounts of data)

** In-built drill-down capability for examining data

** Easy information and data sharing (create PDF and send material by email)


** Create report alerts and report timing

Creating, updating and reading SAP data using Workflow


Winshuttle’s advanced recording capabilities make it possible to reveal any recording of a transaction in Excel, a screen, or any other relevant interface (mobile, PDF, etc.), all without using any code!

The screen we create can be combined with a more expansive process (Workflow), which reveals different views for every position in the organization, aggregates all the relevant data, and enables sending to a manager for authorization / comments – and only once all the data has been collected, securely load it to SAP and document it.

Can any user in the organization be a part of the workflow?
Yes!!! Winshuttle makes it possible to include any user within the organization in the organizational process and presents him with the view / screen relevant to him.

How complex a Workflow can we create?
As complex as you like! There is no limit to the number of participants, number and complexity of Conditions required to pass from stage to stage, parallel / column transfer, compartmentalizing the response of each function according to time, escalations when needed, etc.

What tools are available for controlling and monitoring the process?
All of the organizational processes are distributed and managed from a central site – Sharepoint (which is included in the Winshuttle license) makes it possible to display each user with the processes relevant to him, according to his permissions (e.g. creating an order, building a catalogue number, reporting hours worked, creating a journal command, and more).
A user begins the process from the central site and at any time can receive information on the status of the process and his current location (all other participants in the process are alerted by email and can add relevant details in the message body or via the portal which stores all of their assignments).
Full Auditing is included for all stages of the process, as isa dashboard which allows the display of the efficiency of each of the financial processes (with drill down capabilities all the way to an individual user level, so as to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies).

Creating, updating and reading data from the SAP using Excel


Winshuttle’s Excel solution makes possible the recording of every SAP transaction and reveals it in a simple Excel worksheet, while using all Validations, security mechanisms and auditing contained within SAP.

Building the Excel and executing it requires 3 simple steps:
1. Recording the transaction and selecting the relevant fields
2. Mapping the Excel cells and configuring the data source (manual input, permanent field, returned by the SAP, etc.)
3. Excel design and execution

?Have the requirements changed, Want to update the Excel, Do we need to record again?
Most of the time, no!!! During recording Winshuttle stores all the transaction fields so that you can go back and add fields even if they were not selected during the recording

Can multiple transactions be executed from the same Excel?
Absolutely!!! Winshuttle can run as many transactions as needed from the same Excel Worksheet / File so that, for example, a layman user can create employee entries, read the existing list of existing employees with all the relevant fields from the SAP, update some of the Excel entries and then update the SAP again.

And how do we know if the information has indeed been received by SAP?
All SAP notifications are displayed in dedicated columns in Excel, which confirm construction.

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