The Business Intelligence Group 

The Business Intelligence Group within the SAP Division has accumulated experience and knowledge in the management, execution and control of Business Intelligence applications and projects in general and SAP BI specifically for the largest and most complex organizations in Israel. Among them: Bank Ha’Poalim, Bank Leumi, Bank Mizrahi, Harel, ClalBit, Phoenix, Migdal, Tempo, Strauss, The Soft Drink Corporation, ORL, Nilit, Haifa Chemicals, CIL, Sonol, Paz Oil Company, Dead Sea Industries, Netafim, Zoglowek, Albaad, Amfert, Tower, Tadiran Group, Hamat Group, Palram, Zim, S. Schestowitz, Diplomat, NaanDan Jain Irrigation, YES, Cellcom, CheckPoint, Bezeq, Talit, Comverse, MediaMind, Haifa University, Clalit Health Services, The Israeli Navy, The IDF’s Mazpen, Attal, Mazi, and Home Front Command units, Tel Aviv Municipality, Israeli Electric Corporation, The Israeli Aviation Industries Corporation, Prime Minister’s Office, and more.

The group provides Consulting & Delivery services for the full scope of Business Intelligence apps in the SAP universe. The group’s knowledge and experience include leading experts on BI, EIM and EPM in Israel, using the various SAP technologies (SEM, BPC, BO, BW, etc.), who are at the disposal of clients looking to leverage projected efficiencies derived from implementing the system.


Over the last few years we are clearly trending towards significant growth in the scope of an organization’s data assets within and without, while at the same time experiencing a growing demand for critical business needs for the availability of reliable information for an organization’s decision-making apparatus, anywhere and at any relevant time.


Over the last three years SAP Global has been reinforcing the variety of solutions it offers its customers in these fields and others by acquiring leading companies in the international marketplace and making significant investments in its products’ integrative capabilities and functionality. Among others, these include fields and disciplines such as Business Objects BI4.0 & EPM10.0, HANA, SYBASE and more. Together with these innovative tools, we are tasked with figuring out how to make it possible for an organization to leapfrog one or two steps in its ability to make the correct decisions using its intelligence assets, with limited investment and risk and a high cost effectiveness ratio.


At Advantech, to address customers and IT managers BI challenges, we implemnt and using our vast experience and extensive knowledge of the new and existing tools together with tight cooperation with SAP Israel.


Enterprise Information Management

  1. Project execution and BW operations on all its different versions, while planning physical and logical architecture so as to combine tailored but flexible solutions for the organization

  2. Planning, management and execution of version upgrades with minimal time, cost and risk

  3. Planning and management of an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) which combines data from core systems and from outside the organization

  4. Integration with the new SAP Data Services ETL tool and SQL, BW and/or Sybase

  5. Data Quality Management (DQM) and creating mechanisms for harmonization of master data (MDM)

  6. Management of new infrastructures (HANA, Sybase) and planning for high performance, permissions, compartmentalization and more.


Business Intelligence Applications

  1. Planning and realization of conversion projects for applications, considering the different versions while maximizing the Business Intelligence infrastructure and the all of an organization’s existing core systems (On-Line)

  2. Planning and operating of Mobile based systems and distributing structured data by e-mail

  3. Combining Agile programming method with a programming method


Enterprise Performance Management

  1. Planning, operations and implementation in the SAP EPM tools on all the different versions: budget, planning and projections, consolidation of financial reports, legal and managerial documents, profitability, pricing and strategy management.

  2. Planning, management and version and system upgrades using Re-engineering and rebuilding while maximizing working processes’ existing infrastructure, learning from the implementation of existing systems and maximizing the existing data infrastructure.


At Advantech, we accompany customers and applications from the initial stage of testing the tools up to, and including, roll out in the organization, including workshops to examine the organization’s full BI Roadmap, which examines all the relevant elements. It should be noted that currently operations are undertaken at organizations whose main core system is a SAP system and others with a non-SAP core systems.


Advantech foresees a significant increase in Business Intelligence activity and is preparing for this together with SAP Israel; both by expanding the basket of solutions and the fields of knowledge and consultancy as well as by growing the numbers of relevant personnel.


Advantech’s SAP BI group has pledged to uphold the values of service and excellence and to provide an added financial value to customers using the solutions provided by the group’s consultants, as well as creativity and a far-reaching familiarity with technologies.


Why Advantech?

  • Experts on Financial Processes: The BI team members are consultants with experience working with ERP systems and the implementation of a wide array of financial processes. These consultants’ understanding of business assists them in providing the client with a quality solution and under a set and pre-defined schedule and budget. The vast troves of professional experience makes it possible for the group’s consultants to provide accurate estimates on a project’s scope, complexity and structure. The Advantech specialists are richly experienced in the characterization of a system and its customization to the needs of a client, who reaps the benefits of a “smooth and positive” interaction between our consultants and users and managers, from the start of the campaign to its end.


  • Integrations of Technologies: Many of the consultants who make up the BI group are architects with accumulated experience of hundreds of years, who also possess cross-technology knowledge. This knowledge and familiarity with many different technologies make it possible for the team members to outline the system architecture with a focus on the customer’s needs, instead of “locking in” on one technological solution.


  • Experts in Marketing a Solution within the Organization: Over the years the group has developed a methodology for the execution and implementation of BI solutions in an organization. Project managers in the group, who are responsible together with the customer’s IT team for implementing the solution in the organization, put together a “sales” pitch to users in the organization, while using Best Practices developed by Advantech’s BI group’s managers. This structured method assists in the analysis of risk, emphasizing the solution’s central elements and focusing on expected outputs. The result – a clear understanding by an organization’s decision makers and users of the project’s roadmap and the final product.


  • Courses in Israel and Overseas, Publications: The group is at the technological forefront in developing BI solutions which operate in accordance with a proven methodology for the project’s realization. Team members lecture at courses and publish articles in professional journals in Israel and overseas. The scope of knowledge in the field in enriched daily by new items and publications. Advantech’s BI team works closely with software developers and their representatives, in Israel and around the world. The team is updated on all changes, positive or negative, and the technological advances in the various products.


  • Technological Lab: Advantech houses a server farm and dedicated technological lab which serve the technological SAP and BusinessObject needs of the BI team. The farm contains many Demo servers and application servers that have been developed by the group. Advantech, together with the software providers, holds workshops and meetings for beginners and advanced users with existing technologies and the new technologies.


  • Advantech is a Senior Partner (Gold Partner):The Advantech Technologies Corporation holds the title of SAP Senior Partner. This status allows the BI team to receive a swift response for all financial, technological and organizational issues, which helps us provide quality service within a reasonable time and budget for our customers.