Success Factors

The Success Factors Cloud platform is a Human Resources management system for an organization, which includes a wide suite of solutions that operate harmoniously and make it possible for an organization to effectively manage its human capital.

These days, Success Factors is the leading system in the next generation of human resources management as well as systems for managing organizational talent. Over 4000 customers and over 27 million users in 177 countries use Success Factors. Success Factors’ suite of solutions is structured in a way that allows an organization to begin with a gradual implementation of the modules within it one at a time, and expand from there until a full rollout of all of the suite’s solutions is completed.

Existing system solutions include, among others:

  • Employee Central – A module which acts as the system’s core and allows management of personnel files, management of the organizational structure and management of payroll data

  • Recruitment Management – A module which is designed to manage the entire process of recruitment at an organization, from creation of the position, its approval, managing the recruitment funnel, access to placement companies, and all the way to a successful absorption in the organization

  • Goals & Performance Evaluation – A module used for evaluating employees, including setting targets and their evaluation on a routine or periodical basis.

  • Compensation Management – Intended for the management of worker compensation processes (salary increases, bonuses, options, etc.)

  • Succession Planning – Serves an organization by determining its managerial “reserves” and managing the stages until those workers who have been identified as managerial reserves are developed.

  • Learning Management System (LMS) – A system for managing learning at the organization, including support of virtual courses

  • HR Analytics – A full suite of research reports for an organization’s HR unit

Success Factors has been chosen by the leading analyst firms (Gartner, IDC) as the leading system for talent management at an organization. In addition, one of the advantages of using the Cloud system is SAP’s offer of 4 annual updates a year to all its clients free of charge and with swift installation (without the need for long upgrade projects). Advantech is a SAP Gold Partner. 

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