ERP – Inter-Organizational Solutions

AdvanTech possesses expansive expertise and experience in the implementation of ERP systems while addressing and matters concerning organizational core computing. Finance, logistics, human capital management and other systems are all implemented within this framework… The company employs an experienced team of implementers, developers and infrastructure personnel who provide a comprehensive solution encompassing the characterization stages all the way to the final stages of implementation. AdvanTech offers ERP systems based on SAP technology and ERP systems based on Oracle technology.


CRM Systems

Advantech’s Infrastructures (Systems) Division provides a wide-range of solutions and services in the IT infrastructures and integration field. We offer end-to-end solutions that include: consulting, architecture planning, hardware provision, implementation, and management of ongoing support services.



AdvanTech possesses wide-ranging expertise and experience in the implementation of HCM systems while addressing the factors which make each client unique. Under this framework, systems are implemented through installations at the client’s home and/or the Cloud. AdvanTech also offers several complementary solutions for management of human capital.
The company employs an experienced team of implementers and developers who provide a comprehensive solution for the entire product life cycle.
The company offers a Human Capital Management system based on SAP HCM which is installed at the customer’s home and a Human Capital Management system based on Success Factors and installed on the Cloud.


Cloud Computing Services

AdvanTech provides the full range of services required by an organization so as to implement and operate systems configured for the Cloud. Use of the Cloud provides an organization with high availability of resources on demand, operational tranquility and increased access to data, and cost savings, especially in the initial investment. These services include:
• Providing the required infrastructure
• Planning of the system architecture
• System adaptation and conversion to a Cloud environment
• Maintenance of systems in a Cloud environment and routine support for functional demands
• Integration of those systems implemented in the Cloud with local systems


AdvanTech offers Cloud services for Cloud services for a SAP environment and also offers its clients use of other software products it represents in the Cloud environment


Sales Solutions

Sales managers are expected to continually improve their performance and that of their partners (channels). They therefore must avoid the time-wasting brought on by manual processes, with a focus on an organization’s most valuable processes. AdvanTech combines sales solutions for SAP ERP environments and Oracle ERP environments. CRM systems can also be implemented in these environments.

Additionally, the Product Division at AdvanTech offers a full basket of solutions for sales people and business partners:

  • Callidus Commissions for Managing Commissions, Incentives, Simulations and Projections

The incentive is the most widely available financial tool for businesses looking to grow sales. Callidus is the global leader in Sales Performance Management (SPM) (ranked number one by Gartner) and offers a wide range of tools to convert more leads into sales, and quickly. Callidus’ flagship product is Commissions, which provides tools for building compensation programs using quantitative and qualitative measures, combining tools for What If analysis and the like by the salesperson in the field, and more…

  • Proposal Management Building and Management Functionality

The majority of companies face difficulties updating salespersons on the latest product versions and services offered to customers. An outdated process negatively affects sales performance as well as clients’ satisfaction. Callidus’ CPQ functionality makes it possible for companies to create sales logic and to define what the desired level of discounting is, which products should be recommended to a client according to his profile (Up sell / Cross-sell) conduct automatic authorization processes, increase deal value, and more…

  • Appointment Scheduling for Account Managers

Service centers at many organizations, which receive and initiate conversations with potential clients, assign meetings to their account managers / marketers. This process, usually conducted manually, is not optimal since it does not take into account the matching of the salesperson to the customer profile, time and location considerations, tracking after service, etc… The solution offered includes implementation of ClickSoftware for optimal assignment of employees for appointments, combined with the organizational CRM system and Outlook.


CRM Systems 

CRM systems make it possible for an organization to manage its customer relationships, track the management of sales processes, complaints and the response to malfunctions, service centers, and more… AdvanTech develops tailor-made CRM systems for its customers, or provides them with a pre-configured off-the-shelf solution such as service center management. The company markets and implements solutions based, SAP CRM based solutions and Oracle CRM based solution.



AdvanTech develops and implements a comprehensive range of solutions for the world of mobile, which includes smartphones and tablets. These solutions allow access for viewing and updating an organization’s data systems from anywhere in the world and at any time. Additionally, AdvanTech implements the unique characteristics of this field: use of GPS to pinpoint locations, use of a camera for various applications that require it, offline work mode for times when no network is available, and more…

Systems are implemented specifically tailored to the needs of the client using built in tools for an Oracle Mobileenvironment, or a SAP environment.


Finance Solutions

An organization’s finance department is at its core. This unit is distinct in its great significance, sensitivity, and complex processes where efficiency and reliability are vital to the development of an organization. Presently, most organizations have an ERP system for managing core processes, but at the same time there are still critical areas managed manually (using Excel, for example),

AdvanTech provides a variety of solutions for a finance unit.


ERP Systems
 For management of core processes, we execute comprehensive, fully configured ERP projects based on SAP ERPtechnologies, or as a rapid deployment based on SAP Business All-in-One, as well as solutions based on Oracle ERP technologies. AdvanTech employs a wide range of experts including personnel with training in finance (such as CPAs) who possess a deep familiarity with the technological solutions on offer.

The Product Division at AdvanTech specializes in solutions for business which complement the ERP and the financial systems and make it possible to manage additional processes (that are not managed through the ERP) in a built in, transparent method which provides financial managers with all the information they need to make a decision.

All of the products interface with the organizational systems and make all information relevant for decision making available in one place, and simplify planning ahead using projections and What if scenarios.

Incentives and Commissions Management
Financial incentives provide the fuel which drives the sales team as well as additional functions in the organization which are evaluated and compensated based on their performance. Manual calculation of incentives can create a challenge for an organization since it is time consuming, displayed at infrequent intervals, and may raise suspicion with the salesman (who will expend much time double checking the commissions instead of focusing on sales). AdvanTech is the Israeli representative of the Callidus-developed solution, which specializes in a solution for building compensation programs using the laws of finance, automatic computation of incentives, building projections and conducting What If analysis.

Quick Update and Retrieval of Data from a SAP System and Rapid Implementation of Workflows
Finance departments throughout the business world spend a great amount of time manually feeding data on a routine basis, creating, updating and managing Master Data, creating new vendors, creating purchase orders, orders from customers, inputting ledger commands and additional accounting processes required for finalizing a period, and more…

The Winshuttle solution enables the simplification of financial processes and to access the data using prevalent and user-friendly tools, such as: SharePoint, Excel, mobile interfaces and more… The solution also includes built in Workflow functionality without the need for new code.


Real Estate Properties Management                         

At property-rich organizations, Real Estate is often the second biggest expenditure. Finance managers are asked to efficiently manage contracts for organizational properties, transfer and receive payments accordingly, meet all accounting standards, plan and optimally adapt the use of working spaces, manage all maintenance personnel and professionals, and more.

IBM’s Real Estate Management solution – Tririga, comprehensively addresses these needs.


BI – Business Intelligence

BI technologies enable the production of decision-supporting data in an organization, based on the myriad data collected by a business. These processes have a direct impact on an organization’s performance in financial as well as other areas. At AdvanTech, our richly experienced Architects are able to combine the technologies with an understanding of the customer’s needs, a not insignificant task in the current environment.

We implement BI solutions based on SAP technology, and BI systems based on Oracle technology.


Operations and Service Solutions

Service personnel are a customer’s main point of contact with an organization, and along with Operations have a vital contribution to a customer’s satisfaction and to meeting SLA objectives. AdvanTech is a leading provider of solutions for the optimization of service and operations processes. We represent a long list of products with a proven ROI and the ability to improve the manual, and less efficient, processes.


  • ClickSoftware for Managing Personnel in the Field
    The ClickSoftware solution for the management of personnel in the field is considered a world leader, making it possible to minimize the time spent on shift scheduling, shorten travel times from customer to customer, decrease the use of overtime and to prioritize use of organizational manpower over sub-contractors. The solution manages the service call once its opened (via the service center, the web, the ERP system, and others…), through its assignment to the most suitable person in the field, tracking in real time of unplanned events and circumstances, and ending with its closing and inputting of all relevant information by the personnel in the field.


  • ClickMobile – A Solution for Shift Scheduling and Communication with Field Workers, Drivers, Pollsters
    The ClickMobile solution makes it possible to locate personnel in the field at any given time and to manage them in the most efficient and cost effective manner while at the same time improving service. The system enables cellular roll call, task management with all of the details of the customers and the task, display of employee locations on maps, barcode scanning, image and document uploads, parts management, and more… The application is supported on all mobile devices.


  • Shift Scheduling
    The task of scheduling shifts and assigning them to service workers is highly complex. Many different parameters must be factored in, such as: expected level of demand (number of calls / requests from customers), level of service needed (how long on average can customers be kept waiting), employee skills, labor laws, worker preferences, and more…
    The ClickSoftware shift scheduling solution is a comprehensive solution addressing all of these needs, while identifying optimal scheduling, increasing loyalty and satisfaction among employees and customers, reducing costs and manual processes, and meeting regulatory demands.



Portal systems serve as a gateway to an organization’s inner workings and to the world outside the organization. With these systems it becomes possible to uncover data and obtain information through the use of simple and user-friendly interfaces which do not require any specific training by the user.

AdvanTech implements Portals based on SAP technology.