Shift Schedules

Deciding on a shift structure and scheduling employees to these shifts is a process which creates significant challenges and questions, including: how many employees do I need in order to be able to meet the level of

demand today and in the future? What shifts and times of day should employees work so as to provide a response for this demand, at the quality and quantity I strive for? And others.


These challenges are usually met through general assumptions and manual tasks, but in order to obtain the most optimal solution for the organization, in a way that takes into account operational costs, regulation, performance, and the number of employees and their skills as well as their satisfaction –is a difficult, if not impossible, task.


ClickRoster helps you find the optimal shift schedule for your organization, automatically and while considering all of the relevant permanent and changing factors affecting the schedule (level of demand, number ofemployees, labor laws, costs, employee skills, employee requests and contracts, and the desired level of service / output).



Main Benefits of ClickSoftware’s Shift Scheduling Solution
• Full coverage of the requirements in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) at a minimal cost
• Automation of the shift scheduling process – one of an organization’s most sisyphic and painful tasks
• Increasing employee satisfaction by considering their preferences and wishes and a fair distribution of shifts
• All tasks are performed in accordance with any labor laws, contracts (individual and collective) and regulations
• Simple updating of the organizational scheduling policies as needed (scheduled overtime, subcontractors, minimal / maximal consideration of employee preferences and seniority, etc.)