Working Processes Management solutions based on SAP Portal

A working processes management system is a Web system based on SAP Portal. The system lets users create new requests / forms. These requests go through a round of authorizations, according to the list of authorization stations and the authorizations tree as defined in the SAP system. The system allows for the sequential tracking of all of the stages a request passes though, from creation all the way too final authorization / rejection. This tracking is done using a variety of queries and reports.

A generic mechanism has been placed at the foundation of the system which lets users create different requests while maintaining a structured unity and transparency. The process of authorizations is dynamic and changes according to the nature of the request, its initiator and the station authorization requirements. These capabilities make possible future development of the system on the one hand, while at the same time being directly impacted by the data in the SAP system.


The advantages of the System:

  • Clarity – The work process is clear and structured

  • Compartmentalization and Permissions – SAP based permissions system

  • Uniformity – The permissions / authorization mechanism is a generic mechanism

  • Flexibility – Flexible authorization process, no limits on the number of authorization stations or the number of authorizers in each station

  • Logic is developed dynamically according to the type of request and its use

  • Tracking – The initiator of the request can view his requests at any one of the stations

  • Efficiency – Requests are retrieved and displayed to the necessary authorizers in the current station

  • Monitor – Monitor or troubleshoot the system

  • Future Development – A generic mechanism which makes possible flexibility when adding future requests


System Functionality

  • Create new request

  • Display request authorization history

  • Move the request Forward  or Backward according to the decision of the reporting station

  • A request’s rejection allows for sending the request back to the previous station or to the initiator of the request himself

  • Request Status Bank: In Process, Authorized, Rejected, Canceled, Revised

  • The initiator of the request can cancel or revise a request so long as it has not reached the last destination

  • Authorization Processes: Vertical or horizontal (by a number of authorizers simultaneously)

  • Ability to delegate responsibilities (changing the name of the authorizer at the same authorizing station)

  • Track all decisions, including: Name of reporter, date, comments, etc.

  • Receive updates on decision by email


Response, Request Management and Tracking:

  • For each request, the user defines the data fields and the order of the authorizing stations Advancing the process (the request) through the system can be done in the following methods:

      • Simultaneous – A number of simultaneous authorizers

      • Sequential – Vertical advancement between authorizers

      • Rejection – Sends the request back to its initiator / previous station

  • User details and permissions are retrieved from the SAP system and the Active Directory system

  • Compartmentalization and viewing /adding / updating permissions – performed at field / button level