Human Capital Management – SAP HCM

The SAP HCM group at Advantech:

Advantech’s HR group (SAP HCM) is tasked with the design, construction, implementation and maintenance of SAP HCM systems in Israel and abroad. Additionally, the group implements a variety of the world’s leading products that complement the SAP system, looking to offer its clients the best solution while using one of the technologies or a combination of them. The group is at the Israeli forefront in in the implementation of SAP HCM applications, and includes some of the most senior consultants in the market. In the most recent study published by the leading consultancy firm STKI, Advantech Technologies was ranked first (the only company ranked in the number 1 spot) for its implementation of ERP projects. It should be noted that HCM makes up a large part of the ERP.


Description of the operations of the HCM group at Advantech:

The HCM group at Advantech has extensive cumulative knowledge and experience in the execution, management and control of SAP HCM projects in the most large and complex organizations in Israel, including: the Israeli government, the IDF, Israeli Police, Harel Insurance and Finance, the Ministry of Defense, Strauss-Elite, Israeli Electric Corporation, Bank Leumi, government hospitals, Maccabi Health Services, Haifa University, May Eden, Netafim, Elbit Systems, CIL, Clal Insurance, Amdocs, Shufersal, Cellcom, Migdal, Nilit, Ness Technologies, Given Imaging, Inbal, various refineries, MFO, and more. The knowledge and experience at the company is comprised of Israeli experts at the forefront of the HCM, BI, Workflow, Portal and programming fields, and are at the disposal of the organization in order to increase the expected benefits from the system’s implementation. The SAP HCM group at Advantech is tasked with the characterization, building, implementation and support of HCM systems in Israel and around the world. It is among the leaders in its field in Israel and includes some of the most senior consultants in Israel (senior consultants with over 12 years of experience with SAP). The group possesses extensive experience and the profound understanding needed for providing solutions based on the financial needs of each and every customer in his working environment for the various sectors in the market (banking, insurance, industry, government offices, security, health, retail, and more…)

The knowledge and experience at the company is made up of leading Israeli specialists in HCM related matters. The group undertakes many projects using the most advanced versions of the system.

Group members go through training and advanced courses on the new editions and are on the cutting edge of SAP’s technologies and complementary products.


The group has an extensive knowledge and experience in the entire range of applications and solutions for Human Capital Management:

  • Personnel Files

  • Organizational Structure

  • Payroll Interfaces

  • The Organizational Skills Model

  • Recruitment / E-Recruiting

  • Employee Evaluations / Management according to performance

  • Talent Management / Succession Planning

  • Attendance and Absence Management

  • Shift Planning

  • HR Cost Management

  • Information Kiosk for Employees ESS

  • Manager Desktop MSS

  • Event and Training Management / Learning Management System

  • Payroll / Payroll Interface

  • Compensation Management

  • Concurrent Employment

  • Budget Controls

  • Managerial Reporting BW / Analytics / HCM

  • Employee Interaction Center

  • Employee Management for Global Organizations

  • HCM interfaces to Archive Products


The group implements a variety of internationally leading products complementing SAP with a focus on providing the customer with the best solution through the use of one of the technologies or a combination of them. The group acts as an integrator for complex projects which use more than one software product.


Success Factors – The World Leader in Human Capital Management in the Cloud

Success Factors (SFSF) which has been recently acquired by SAP is the leading global provider of Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions in the Cloud.

The software is the next generation of HCM solutions in the Cloud and covers all aspects of human capital management:

  • Personnel files, organizational structure, attendance, payroll (Employee Central Core HR)

  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)

  • Performance Management

  • Recruitment

  • Compensation Management

  • Succession Planning

  • Social Business & Collaboration

  • HR Analytics

SFSF makes it possible for organizations to harness their human capital into their business strategy and support all working process which connect the employees to the organization. The SFSF user experience is unique, friendly, social, mobile and “gamified”, suitable for the working patterns of Generation Y. SFSF serves over 4,000 customers in around 180 countries in approximately 60 market sectors and 35 languages. Its solution is the leading solution of its kind in the world, and is ranked first in the field of Talent Management by the leading analyst firms (Forrester, IDC, Gartner and others). Advantech markets and implements SFSF solutions together with SAP. HCM has declared SFSF the company’s strategic solution for managing HCM in the Cloud, and we at Advantech are staying abreast of this issue.


We offer two main models:

  • The hybrid model, which combines a SAP installation on-site as the world’s leading solution for managing personnel files, organizational structure, attendance and absence and payroll in the organization, while integrating with SFSF’s cloud solutions. This model is suitable for existing SAP customers and allows them to enjoy best-of-breed  while retaining their investment.

  • End-to-end HCM solution in the Cloud, a solution which is suitable for organizations of any size.


Additional Best-of-Breed Products Implemented by the Group:

SAP Visualization by Nakisa

A user-friendly visual interface for managing all of the processes related to the planning and management of the organizational structure, career paths, the Organizational Skills Model, Succession Planning; a Nakisa product which is an integral component of the SAP suite.


Software for managing compensation, commissions, bonuses and motivational compensation in an organization. The product has built-in integration with SAP.

ClickSoftware- SAP Workforce Scheduling and Optimization application by ClickSoftware:

A ClickSoftware product for the optimization of the service’s supply chain processes. The software makes possible the optimal scheduling of employees for tasks / shifts / positions based on regulations at the organization and in accordance with objectives and soft and hard constraints. The product naturally interfaces with SAP.


Computerized management of personnel files, OpenText’s EFM solutions suite provides a built-in response between financial processes managed on a SAP HCM system and the document types related to these processes and guarantees that the relevant documents will be managed as part of the financial processes in the central system in cases in which these documents are an accompanying component in the management of computerized personnel file.

Advantech’s SAP HCM group has pledged to uphold the values of service and excellence and to provide an added financial value for customers through the solutions provided by the group’s consultants and technological superiority.