Advantech’s SAP division specializes in projects and consultancy work for SAP’s software products suite. This expertise includes advising on business process in the financial and logistical world within organizations, with an emphasis on implementing these processes using the various solutions offered by SAP.

These solutions which are tailored uniquely to each organization include addressing all processes in the organization endways, implementation, management and complete responsibility for the system applying outsourcing methodology. Advantech’s SAP division is a leader in the Israeli market and employs over 150 experienced and well respected consultants, most with over 10 years of experience in the practical implementation of SAP applications:


  • SAP ERP – SAP All-in-One Business application, or SAP ERP in the conventional method

  • BI/BW – SAP Business Intelligence

  • Human Capital Management – SAP HCM

  • Mobility Solutions Management

  • Customer Relationship Management – SAP CRM

  • Enterprise Performance Management tools (SAP EPM) – Tools for the consolidation of financial reports, budget planning (SAP BPC), and more

  • Advanced solutions bases on the SAP NetWeaver layer, such as SAP Portals, development in WebDynpro for ABAP, and more

  • SAP solutions in the Cloud

  • Advantech is a global SAP Gold Partner and provides a comprehensive organizational solution which includes the distribution of SAP licenses, consulting services, and full implementation of ERP projects

  • Advantech’s SAP Division focuses on the implementation and realization of solutions for business based on SAP International’s expansive set of tools. The division provides a wide ranges of services for implementation, technology, databases and application servers. The SAP division possesses extensive experience in the implementation and execution of SAP ERP solutions, as well as the SAP Portal, SAP CRM, SAP HCM, SAP BI, SAP XI/PI infrastructures and NetWeaver, as well SAP HANA and SAP Mobile solutions on all existing operating systems. The division has a proven methodology for executing relatively short implementations in a variety of organization types, locally and globally, and are well known for their projects in both Israel and overseas.


Sectors and Industries with Advantech Solutions

Advantech’s solutions address a wide array of sectors and areas of operation:

  • Security

  • Automobiles

  • Banking

  • Insurance

  • Chemicals

  • Engineering and Construction

  • Health Services

  • Hi-Tech

  • Industrial Machinery, Components

  • Communication

  • Factory Production

  • Oil and Gas

  • Professional Services

  • The Public Sector

  • Telecom

  • Transportation and Logistics

  • Basic Services

  • Consumption Products and Retail Distribution

  • Wholesale Distribution


Business Solutions

Advantech’s solutions cover a wide range of business operations:

  • Finance, including consolidation of financial reports

  • Budgets and Budget Controls

  • Core systems for the fields of finance / insurance, production and warehouse management

  • Asset Management across the entire organization

  • Human Resources

  • Production

  • Marketing

  • Purchasing

  • R&D, Engineering

  • Sales

  • Services

  • Supply Chain

  • Managerial Data

  • Data Systems


SAP Software Products and Solutions for Projects and Consultancy

SAP solutions provided by Advantech can be installed in one of the following ways: at the customer’s site or on the Cloud (On-Premises / Cloud Computing)

  • Organizational Systems – ERP Systems

  • SuccessFactors / HCM

  • Business Intelligence (BI) – including Dashboard and Business Objects Analytics solutions

  • Portal

  • CRM

  • SAP HANA for Cloud Platform / SAP HANA and databases

  • Mobile

  • Customized development according to a client’s specifications in a variety of technological environments

  • Interfaces for core systems in the organization and for external systems in a variety of technological environments



Advantech is the leading Israeli provider of SAP-based solutions for business. Our services include customer support for the entire life cycle of the systems:

  • Implementation Projects – Beginning with gap analysis, continuing with the design of the solution and all the way to training and rollout. We carry out implementation projects with the customer involved from start to finish, while accepting full responsibility for the output and success of the project.

  • Support and Maintenance – Support and maintenance for the system at the customer’s location or off-shore, including service call management and response according to an agreed upon SLA and with 24/7 availability when needed.

  • Site Management – Partial or full outsourcing of all aspects of an IT unit. Task management, projects, changes, installations.

  • Roll In / Roll Out Projects – Advantech specializes in expansion projects for existing solutions at global corporations anywhere around the world, including operating as the “local arm” of organizations overseas as they look to perform projects at their Israeli branch. We cooperate with foreign partners in cases where use of local resources is needed. The SAP division has ample knowledge of SAP localization in Israel and in a large number of countries overseas.

  • Integration with Core Systems – Development of interfaces and automated solutions for managing working processes and the flow of data from the organizational ERP system to other core systems. As a built in component of integration we offer a suite of tools for monitoring the process and identifying irregularities.

  • Development of Dedicated Financial Systems – Advantech undertakes the development and implementation of projects for dedicated systems based on its customers’ needs, in such cases where there is no suitable solution available in the organizational ERP or off-the-shelf. These systems are developed using advanced technologies and make possible the automation and optimization of working processes in the organization, even in designated areas which are manually or semi-automatically managed.



Advantech possesses a proven methodology for implementing and managing solutions in a SAP environment. This methodology has come together and put into practice in the dozens of projects the company has performed over the years, and in work across dozens of customers in different business environments.

The highlights of the methodology are:

  • Use of SAP Best Practices as a foundation for the solution’s design

  • Share of key users in the customer’s organization from the initial stages of the process and throughout it

  • Present a working system and financial processes in the early stages so as to identify gaps

  • A focus on financial processes and unique financial operations which act as a competitive advantage

  • Implement simple and efficient solutions

  • A minimum of elective customizations – implementing prioritization process and approval of changes and customizations

  • Participation by senior management in steering committees and decision making

  • Transfer of knowledge to organizations and transfer of responsibilities to the IT team and key users


We believe there is no need to reinvent the wheel with every project. Advantech has pre-configured kits which provide simple, rapid and cost effective implementation. These implementation kits include components such as financial flow charts, test scripts, training materials and data conversion programs. We also come with a proven set of solutions based on our consultants’ hundreds, and even thousands, of hours of accumulated experience among our vast group of clients.

Advantech’s methodology is flexible and modular and makes it possible for us, together with the customer, to construct the working method suitable for his individual needs. Advantech has a customized methodology for each of the services we provide for the end-to-end management of our customers’ data systems.