Organizational Asset Management Solution


Buildings, sites, equipment, maintenance, service calls and more

IBM Tririga is the world’s leading system for the smart management of all aspects of planning and day-to-day management of an organization’s buildings and assets.
The system makes possible:

• Maximal utilization of the organization’s buildings, sites and equipment
• Management and control of bids, contracts, leases, suppliers, service levels and more
• Cost savings in use and maintenance of buildings
• Improve the utilization level of energy resources (power, water, waste and others)
• Maintain efficient control, management and planning of a real estate framework for the next few years

What are the benefits of the system?


Tririga contains five main modules: building management, space management, project management, routine maintenance, room reservation / equipment and management of environmental aspects / operations. It allows for a gradual implementation based on Best Practices. The system can be locally installed or provided as a service on the IBM cloud.


The system interfaces with organizational systems and manages execution of contracts (including settling accounts between departments, alerts at exit points, excess payments…), assignment of location within the floors of the building, equipment, personnel / subcontractors performing maintenance on the buildings, routine tasks, and more.


The program also provides performance projects and conducts system and component reliability tests so as to allow for preplanned performance of preventive maintenance tasks or the replacement of deteriorating components.


These capabilities provide a comprehensive view in real time of aspects related to finance, projects, maintenance and operations and the environment for the entire scope of assets and the processes related to these assets, and in this manner provide significant cost savings to the organization.

Select Clients


Tririga is used at some of the world’s leading corporations, such as banks, hi-tech companies, factories, grocery and fashion retail chains, real estate companies, airports, universities, and more.