Cloud Mobile Workforce Management Software & Optimization Solutions

ClickSoftware’s offerings are designed to improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of all business roles in a service company; from your field staff to back-office users to top executives. ClickSoftware mobile workforce management software solutions incorporate business best practices and advanced decision-making algorithms that enable you to manage and optimize your entire service operation; before, during, and after the day of service.

ClickSoftware has a single focus: To empower service providers to Master the Moment, delivering superb experiences to your customers. ClickSoftware help you accomplish this through more than 20 years of ongoing, relentless innovation in decision-making and mobile service execution. Artificial Intelligence has always been core focus and continues to produce unique and powerful differentiation for a mobile workforce management software that helps you master every service moment.


Optimize Your Entire Service Organization – in the Cloud or On Premises

While a service operation is ultimately measured by its performance on the day of service, the ClickSoftware mobile workforce management software help you exceed your customers’ expectations throughout their service experience – transforming your employees into your ultimate brand ambassadors.

  • Planning and Forecasting capabilities ensure proper workforce coverage for your expected demand.

  • Shift Management optimizes your employees’ availability to fit demand during the day of service.

  • Scheduling and Dispatch assigns the right people to the right place, at the right moment, for every customer or task.

  • Mobile Apps ensure comprehensive interconnectivity is maintained when employees are in the field.

  • Performance Measurement – coupled with predictive and prescriptive analytics – identify improvement opportunities to ensure continuous improvement.


ROI Calculator for Mobile Workforce Management Solutions

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