ClickSoftware – Optimal Management of Service Representatives and Salesmen in the Field

ClickSoftware offers a suite of software solutions which provides a comprehensive and optimal set of tools for planning, shift scheduling, and real time management of an organization’s service representatives and their assignment to routine shifts and tasks.
Organizations implementing ClickSoftware report that they are able to complete more tasks with fewer personnel, reduce travel times and gasoline use, meet the deadlines set by the customer, complete more assignments the first time, and communicate in real time with their employees in the field.

Presenting a typical day at a service organization – before and after ClickSoftware

​• ClickSoftware is a leader in the field of repair and service providers in over 250 organizations around the world, each managing between 25 and 25,000 employees in the field.
• 5 years consecutively – ranked first by Gartner in the Field Service Management sector (which considers solutions for shift scheduling, management and communication for field personnel).

• The entire ClickSoftware suite of solutions is available as a service via the cloud or local installation

ClickSoftware’s offerings are designed to improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of all business roles in a service company; from your field staff to back-office users to top executives. ClickSoftware mobile workforce management software solutions incorporate business best practices and advanced decision-making algorithms that enable you to manage and optimize your entire service operation; before, during, and after the day of service.

ClickSoftware has a single focus: To empower service providers to Master the Moment, delivering superb experiences to your customers. ClickSoftware help you accomplish this through more than 20 years of ongoing, relentless innovation in decision-making and mobile service execution. Artificial Intelligence has always been core focus and continues to produce unique and powerful differentiation for a mobile workforce management software that helps you master every service moment.


Optimize Your Entire Service Organization – in the Cloud or On Premises


While a service operation is ultimately measured by its performance on the day of service, the ClickSoftware mobile workforce management software help you exceed your customers’ expectations throughout their service experience – transforming your employees into your ultimate brand ambassadors.

  • Planning and Forecasting capabilities ensure proper workforce coverage for your expected demand.

  • Shift Management optimizes your employees’ availability to fit demand during the day of service.

  • Scheduling and Dispatch assigns the right people to the right place, at the right moment, for every customer or task.

  • Mobile Apps ensure comprehensive interconnectivity is maintained when employees are in the field.

  • Performance Measurement – coupled with predictive and prescriptive analytics – identify improvement opportunities to ensure continuous improvement.


ROI Calculator for Mobile Workforce Management Solutions

Small Medium Business Overview

Companies dependent on mobile employees are turning to mobile workforce management (MWM) systems and mobile apps for small business as a way to better manage their employees, increase their productivity, and gain the visibility into your service business that reduce operational costs.

ClickSoftware’s cloud-based solutions brings enterprise grade sophistication to the small-mid-market at an affordable price. Small and medium businesses can work in harmony with incredible productivity, and solve complex challenges through intelligent decision-making. ClickSoftware cloud application allows your company to easily scale-up when you need it, so your employee management software can stay the same as you grow.


I used a fast cloud implementation with quick, plug-n-play features to differentiate our level of service.

With ClickSoftware small business employee management software you can increase your flexibility, give customers immediate appointment booking and allocate the right resources at the right time. Pre-packaged functionality together with mobile apps for small business are easy to implement and allow the entire service world to be managed remotely. You can get your service organization up and running in no time with such mobile apps as easy-to-file timesheets and forms.  This zero overhead installation reduces back-office expenses while at the same time drives worker productivity and revenue.

  • Know Where Your Employees Are – See a map of where your employees are, where they’ve been and total time spent at each location.

  • Automate Time Tracking – Eliminate paper timesheets and easily record hours spent at each job for billing and payroll.

  • Capture Proof of Services – Document completed job details and GPS location with photos and customer signatures.

  • Increase Productivity – Use mobile apps for small business to reduce paperwork: Have employees collect and receive job details on their mobile devices.

  • Analyze Performance – Turn raw data into powerfully insights that are presented via dashboards and reports with visibility of current and historical service delivery data.

  • Send Field Data to the Office – Use mobile apps to send data to the office and have instant access to information.

Service Apps on Salesforce Platform

There are 3 types of ClickSoftware cloud solutions:

  • Field Service Lightning – Native Salesforce solution that connects the entire service organization from call center to the field. Agents, dispatchers and mobile employees in the field are on a single, centralized platform, bringing a new level of transparency and efficiency to customer service. Service agents have a 360-degree view of the customer and can create a work order from any case. Mobile employees in the field now have access to the customer’s full service and purchasing history, empowering them to easily resolve any issue that may arise and possibly upsell the customer on another product.

  • ShiftExpert App – ShiftExpert by ClickSoftware optimizes the planning, management and execution of your employees’ work shifts and timesheets across all departments. Incorporating rules, regulations, absences, demand and company policies to schedule shifts that maximize the efficiency of your staff.

  • Workforce – ClickWorkforce, is an advanced scheduling and real-time mobility solution for salesforce users that is scalable to any size service business. The entire service team-is involved in the scheduling process from sales reps to field employees to call center agents. Inherently cloud based, this solution can be implemented easily and rapidly for immediate results

Read the latest press release on Salesforce and ClickSoftware Partnership here


ClickSoftware Team at Advantech

Advantech and ClickSoftware are working together for more than 5 years on promoting, selling and providing end-to-end solutions based on the Scheduling, Mobility and Shift Rostering solutions by ClickSoftware. Either on premise or in the cloud.
Advantech utilizes a large team of ClickSoftware experienced consultants and has a number of Telecommunication, Home services, Banking, Insurance and industry sector customers.
Advantech works to integrate the ClickSoftware solutions within an array of organizations and investing in enhancing the ClickSoftware capabilities to provide the perfect solution in different verticals.
Advantech attributes its success to a well-balanced combination of a highly skilled, service oriented workforce and an experienced management team. Advantech’s team of professionals creates a synergetic task-force for building solutions and transforming customer vision to working reality. The results are evident at large organizations and small businesses alike.


A few of our ClickSoftware implementations: