Small Medium Business Overview

Companies dependent on mobile employees are turning to mobile workforce management (MWM) systems and mobile apps for small business as a way to better manage their employees, increase their productivity, and gain the visibility into your service business that reduce operational costs.

ClickSoftware’s cloud-based solutions brings enterprise grade sophistication to the small-mid-market at an affordable price. Small and medium businesses can work in harmony with incredible productivity, and solve complex challenges through intelligent decision-making. ClickSoftware cloud application allows your company to easily scale-up when you need it, so your employee management software can stay the same as you grow.

I used a fast cloud implementation with quick, plug-n-play features to differentiate our level of service.

With ClickSoftware small business employee management software you can increase your flexibility, give customers immediate appointment booking and allocate the right resources at the right time. Pre-packaged functionality together with mobile apps for small business are easy to implement and allow the entire service world to be managed remotely. You can get your service organization up and running in no time with such mobile apps as easy-to-file timesheets and forms.  This zero overhead installation reduces back-office expenses while at the same time drives worker productivity and revenue.

  • Know Where Your Employees Are – See a map of where your employees are, where they’ve been and total time spent at each location.

  • Automate Time Tracking – Eliminate paper timesheets and easily record hours spent at each job for billing and payroll.

  • Capture Proof of Services – Document completed job details and GPS location with photos and customer signatures.

  • Increase Productivity – Use mobile apps for small business to reduce paperwork: Have employees collect and receive job details on their mobile devices.

  • Analyze Performance – Turn raw data into powerfully insights that are presented via dashboards and reports with visibility of current and historical service delivery data.

  • Send Field Data to the Office – Use mobile apps to send data to the office and have instant access to information.