CallidusCloud for Managing and Improving Sales Processes


Callidus is the world’s leading provider of sales and marketing solutions.

Its suite of products helps organizations improve and maximize their sales processes, and convert a higher number of leads and opportunities into customers.

With Callidus’ solutions, organizations can identify the right opportunities, guarantee a proper allocation of territories and goals, provide salesmen with advanced sales tools, create proposals using a simplified template-based process, and streamline the compensation process.

Its products are used every day by over 2,500 customers around the world who are reporting a positive return on investment as a result of larger and quicker closings.

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Commission and Incentive Management


Incentives are the most powerful business tool for encouraging sales representatives to sell more. An effective incentive model steers sales representatives to focus their sales efforts in line with the company’s strategy (higher compensation for strategic products, for sale to certain customers, to various markets, etc.), and enables them to see, at every point in time, what they need to do to increase the incentive amount they will receive.

If the incentive calculation process in your organization looks like this:

But you know that ultimately it will be automated and will look like this:

Then why not start today?

Advantech represents Callidus – the world leader in solutions for sales representatives that offers a product for managing quotas and calculating rewards:  

  • Quota management based on Top Down / Bottom Up methods that enables translation of the organization’s strategic plan into numbers / weights.

  • Automated data collection (qualitative and quantitative metrics) with interfaces to the organization’s operations systems at the required frequency.

  • Simulation and What If analysis features that enable sales representatives to focus their efforts based on current data available throughout the month.

  • Design and update reward programs based on business rules.

  • Territory management (for organizations that manage variable reward programs by geography/product/business, etc.).

  • Automated export of commission and bonus data for every reward recipient to the reward recipient portal / the CRM and the salary system.

  • Detailed reports and dashboards that enable sales representatives, if required, to examine the data down to the single matrix level.

  • Dispute Management for improving “communication” between sales and finance entities in the organization in order to diffuse conflicts and disputes regarding commission and incentive payments.


The Callidus incentive management solution has been successfully integrated in leading companies in Israel and worldwide, among them: Verizon, Vodafone, Nokia, Cadence, NetApp, HSBC, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson and Mey Eden, Traiana, CyberArk and MediaMind.

Callidus Territory & Quota


In a simple and perfect world – the process of territory allocation and quota setting for the following year would be easy.

However, if he number of sales representatives changed, services and products were added, quotas increased and opportunities expanded – it begins to be complicated …

In reality – the process of managing and setting territories and quotas takes time and is prone to errors. What’s more, organizations do not always understand the potential and importance of the process. A manual process that lacks standardization and offers limited visualization features – usually leaves organizations lagging behind, hindering their ability to maximize their sales processes, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their sales representatives and attain the maximum from every customer and product.


Callidus T&Q/ Territory & Quota - 3 main advantages

  1. Optimizes the territory and quota allocation process to sales representatives – Excel-based processes are prone to errors that are difficult to detect, and do not enable auditability of changes and adjustments. The self-service application, that is based on workflow and auditing, eliminates the need for manual allocation and for estimations and assumptions, enabling – a quota setting process that is transparent, substantiated, clear – and most important, optimal, that maximally serves the organization’s goals.

  2. Improves communication between finance and sales in the organization – the quota setting process for the following year and its dissemination to the field requires many What If games that take into consideration historical data and the future pipeline. Sales management and the CFO use T &Q to drive the process and can now see how the information is optimally disseminated to the field.

  3. Enables sales representatives to focus their sales activities and increase their sales efforts – in the dynamic and ever changing field of sales. New products and services are offered continuously, and new sales representatives join the salesforce. A week that goes by without clear quotas for the sales representatives – translates into direct revenue loss. This is why it is critical to assign sales representatives a territory and quotas as quickly as possible – so that they can be focused and begin to sell.


The Callidus T&Q solution manages the entire quota planning process – from allocation of customer / product / geographic territory to sales representatives to setting quantitative quotas. The product includes all functions relevant to the process, is user-friendly and easy to use, provides full transparency and enables decision making based on historical and pipeline data.

Configure, Price, quote

CallidusCloud’s CPQ solution allows the salesman to produce built-in proposals, while the system obtains all the relevant information from CRM, presents opportunities to expand and increase the contract (Cross Sell / Up Sell), special promotions and more – all from his personal computer or mobile device.

The product includes:
• Built in product catalogue – with advanced search functionality and price display in various currencies and languages
• Full integration with CRM – so as to automatically obtain data from within the proposal on opportunities, customers, the product, and more
• Definition of logic using the Laws of Finance – Display relevant products / services according to the type of customer / salesman, display additional products according to the type of contract, and more
• Built in Workflow for manager approvals
• Price comparison functionality
• Profitability examination tool
• Support for a variety of languages



System Attributes


• Simplification of the selection process for products / services through the management of a central catalogue and price list
• Products are displayed according to the defined rules so as to avoid incorrect inputs
• Steers users to select the suitable products / services by using leading questions
• Encourages additional sales processes – Cross Sell / Up Sell
• Support for Self Service processes for customers and partners


Proposal Creation
• Prevents errors during the creation of the proposal by using built in pricing, advanced assumption logic and more
• Support for different price lists and multiple currencies for customers / partners
• Displays profit, cost and estimated commission for the salesman during the creation of the proposal in order to limit discounts/assumptions
• Improved forecasting and pipeline capabilities (built in integration with CRM and additional systems)
• Automatic creation of the proposal document and other relevant documents


Automatic Creation of Relevant Documents
• Creates professional proposal documents with a click of a button, which contain all relevant content (Executive Summary, description of products / services, client testimonials, technical documents, details of the commercial proposal, terms of payment, and more)
• Creates any relevant document through the system – proposals, contracts, bids, legal documents and more
• Full integration with CRM to obtain the relevant customer information and include it in the proposal, and for updating CRM


Customer Orders
• Obtain authorizations / comments / orders from the customer automatically via email
• Comprehensive documentation of all versions of the proposal, changes and authorizations
• Management of proposals and order from anywhere, via a mobile device

Course Creation and Management

The ever changing environment requires companies to continuously release additional products and services, which necessitates the orderly transfer of knowledge to a company’s employees and partners.
The routine transfer of knowledge to a large number of employees, which at times are scattered around the world and in different time zones, creates a real challenge and demands significant resources. The use of conventional methods, such as email, to distribute the courses and then following up with tracking to verify that the employee has completed the course, can sometimes result in delays and mounting costs.
A Learning Management System (LMS) is provided as a service and enables the creation of courses, assigning them to students, and routinely tracking their results and performance status.
A course can be created using any type of content (Flash, Video, PowerPoint and more) and includes testing and surveys to examine the level of a student’s understanding and satisfaction.


Main Attributes of the Product
• Provided as a service (SaaS)
• SCORM 1.2
• Can be used from any iOS based computer or portable terminal
• Color selection and branding for documents
• API for integration with additional systems
• Option to sell courses