Commission and Incentive Management

Incentives are the most powerful business tool for encouraging sales representatives to sell more. An effective incentive model steers sales representatives to focus their sales efforts in line with the company’s strategy (higher compensation for strategic products, for sale to certain customers, to various markets, etc.), and enables them to see, at every point in time, what they need to do to increase the incentive amount they will receive.

If the incentive calculation process in your organization looks like this:

But you know that ultimately it will be automated and will look like this:

Then why not start today?

Advantech represents Callidus – the world leader in solutions for sales representatives that offers a product for managing quotas and calculating rewards:  

  • Quota management based on Top Down / Bottom Up methods that enables translation of the organization’s strategic plan into numbers / weights.

  • Automated data collection (qualitative and quantitative metrics) with interfaces to the organization’s operations systems at the required frequency.

  • Simulation and What If analysis features that enable sales representatives to focus their efforts based on current data available throughout the month.

  • Design and update reward programs based on business rules.

  • Territory management (for organizations that manage variable reward programs by geography/product/business, etc.).

  • Automated export of commission and bonus data for every reward recipient to the reward recipient portal / the CRM and the salary system.

  • Detailed reports and dashboards that enable sales representatives, if required, to examine the data down to the single matrix level.

  • Dispute Management for improving “communication” between sales and finance entities in the organization in order to diffuse conflicts and disputes regarding commission and incentive payments.


The Callidus incentive management solution has been successfully integrated in leading companies in Israel and worldwide, among them: Verizon, Vodafone, Nokia, Cadence, NetApp, HSBC, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson and Mey Eden, Traiana, CyberArk and MediaMind.