Configure, Price, quote

CallidusCloud’s CPQ solution allows the salesman to produce built-in proposals, while the system obtains all the relevant information from CRM, presents opportunities to expand and increase the contract (Cross Sell / Up Sell), special promotions and more – all from his personal computer or mobile device.

The product includes:
• Built in product catalogue – with advanced search functionality and price display in various currencies and languages
• Full integration with CRM – so as to automatically obtain data from within the proposal on opportunities, customers, the product, and more
• Definition of logic using the Laws of Finance – Display relevant products / services according to the type of customer / salesman, display additional products according to the type of contract, and more
• Built in Workflow for manager approvals
• Price comparison functionality
• Profitability examination tool
• Support for a variety of languages



System Attributes
• Simplification of the selection process for products / services through the management of a central catalogue and price list
• Products are displayed according to the defined rules so as to avoid incorrect inputs
• Steers users to select the suitable products / services by using leading questions
• Encourages additional sales processes – Cross Sell / Up Sell
• Support for Self Service processes for customers and partners


Proposal Creation
• Prevents errors during the creation of the proposal by using built in pricing, advanced assumption logic and more
• Support for different price lists and multiple currencies for customers / partners
• Displays profit, cost and estimated commission for the salesman during the creation of the proposal in order to limit discounts/assumptions
• Improved forecasting and pipeline capabilities (built in integration with CRM and additional systems)
• Automatic creation of the proposal document and other relevant documents


Automatic Creation of Relevant Documents
• Creates professional proposal documents with a click of a button, which contain all relevant content (Executive Summary, description of products / services, client testimonials, technical documents, details of the commercial proposal, terms of payment, and more)
• Creates any relevant document through the system – proposals, contracts, bids, legal documents and more
• Full integration with CRM to obtain the relevant customer information and include it in the proposal, and for updating CRM


Customer Orders
• Obtain authorizations / comments / orders from the customer automatically via email
• Comprehensive documentation of all versions of the proposal, changes and authorizations
• Management of proposals and order from anywhere, via a mobile device